Stylo Starr,

Graphic Designer


Stylo Starr

Graphic Designer,


Stylo Starr discovered the power of creating from nothing at an early age, and has been doing so, since. A graduate of common art academia, Stylo carries with her a style unlike any of her contemporaries; bold colours, thick lines, and clashing imagery create the stimulating visual tension that is the foundation of her aesthetic.

Stylo Starr is a visual alchemist. Found imagery, collage, paint, photography and digital illustration are her primary tools. Her heart, and her experience as a Black Woman in Canada, her language.

Stylo Starr is a visual alchemist.

Star’s recent body of work, DUODECIM VESTIMENTUM sees Stylo Starr explore art as a wearable, teachable garment; as well as a tangible connection to creative ancestry paying homage to talented, dynamic and esteemed artists, thinkers, singers and actors using metaphysical imagery and minimalist digital collage. Throughout 2016, 12 pieces were released monthly through an online storefront, and shown in a culminative gallery show at Centre[3] in 2017. #TheStylo12 exists to pay respect to the creative ancestors whether they still walk the Earth with us, or not. Wearing the garment, participants further illustrate that ancestry can be channeled and honoured through the human body.