Shanika Maria,

Singer, Songwriter



Shanika Maria

Singer, Songwriter,


Shanika Maria is a singer-songwriter and writer from Hamilton, Ontario. She recently released her debut EP “Childish Games”. She likes to explore concepts of duality through her lyrics such as resilience in difficult situations and self-destructive behaviour. Shanika Maria has played various shows around southern ontario and in Victoria Bc. Some have said that Shanika Maria resembles a young Tracey Chapman, who leaves listeners in awe with her quiet intensity as she sings her heart out.

I am a folk singer-songwriter who use songwriting as a method to understand the world around me. I like to explore the concept of duality, cycling through functional and dysfunctional aspects of themes like: mental illness, relationships, and personal development. This year, I released my emotional debut EP “Childish Games”. The EP, simple in its instrumentation, asks more questions rather than finding any answers. I am currently writing new music and working towards a full length album in the new year. The ambiguity and simplicity of my music allows the audience to imprint their own meaning onto my songs and feel a sense of connection to my music.