Sage Paul,

Costume Designer


Sage Paul

Costume Designer,


Sage Paul is an urban Dene woman and a member of English River First Nation. Sage is an innovative leader for Indigenous fashion, craft and textiles, championing family, sovereignty and resistance for balance through her work. Some of her art and design has shown at the Royal Ontario Museum, The Centre for Craft, Creativity and Design (North Carolina, USA), and Western Canada Fashion Week. She has presented on Indigenous fashion, luxury and cultural appropriation for The Walrus Magazine, Ryerson University, Brock University, Toronto Women’s Fashion Week and now South Africa Fashion Week.

She was recently recognized by FLARE Magazine in their #HowIMadeIt campaign that celebrates 100+ talented, ambitious and driven Canadian women and was featured by the Ontario Minister of the Status of Women as a trailblazing woman who is transforming Ontario. Sage is the Artistic Director and Founder of Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto and Co-Founder of Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator. With the Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator collective, Sage was one of the first to introduce urban hide tanning to current-day Toronto. Sage also collectively curated the craft exhibit “Indian Giver: Truth Telling and Narratives of Representation” and she was a leader of the Ts’Kwe Maker’s Atelier, a program by Setsuné in partnership with IKEA Canada for the economic sustainability of Indigenous women makers. Sage is currently working on two fashion-based projects: Giving Life and the Mint Sweater Project.