Neeraj Prem,

Instrumental Artist


Neeraj Prem

Instrumental Artist,


Guru Neeraj is often described as a painter at the Sitar, weaving musical images in the air with his dense, mystic and technically perfect playing. A musician with the capacity to mesmerize and mirror the intricacies of your soul, Guru Neeraj Prem is a rare musical entity.  He is a virtuoso sitarist and leader in the modern movement of Indian music as a sought after performer and teacher. (student) of USTAD SHUJAAT KHAN, Guru Neeraj belongs to the Ustad Vilayat Khan Gharana of Hindustani Music.  He has managed to in time, to develop a niche for himself in the music scenario as one of the most versatile Sitarists of our time. He has performed widely at various venues and auspicious occasions solo as well as with other great Masters Touring as far as Africa, Europe, North America, India and the list goes on. His music captivates and takes you places unimagined in the soundscapes of today.  There is no hesitation to his faith as he guides people to the deeper realms of romance and spiritual union.  

Music has been a life style and way of life for Guru Neeraj Prem and hopes to develop the circle wider educating and creating awareness of world music and culture.