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Mark Korczynski



BiographyMark (Edward) Korczynski is a full time artist-blacksmith who works out of his studio, Metalmorphosis in Hamilton’s north east end. He came to blacksmithing later in life. Mark studied with two of Canada’s foremost blacksmiths, Lloyd Johnson of Beaverton, Ontario and David Robertson of Cargill, Ontario. Mark’s background also includes the graphic arts and photography.

Blacksmithing is an art requiring me to meet both mental and very physical demands. The best part of my craft is being challenged to come up with a three dimensional object. Each project is born of a raw piece of steel and becomes a functional art piece. I hammer, cut, bend and weld functional pieces like furniture and railings. I combine traditional and new blacksmithing techniques. The beauty of modern blacksmithing is that technology brings new possibilities for textures and designs. New ways bring more tools to create with. Meanwhile traditional blacksmithing has provided me with a good sense of structure. Quoting Saint Francis of Assisi. My work is influenced by iconic Catalonian artist Antoni Gaudi, American metal sculptor Anthony Howe and British visual artist Ralph Steadman. “A man (or woman) that works with his hands is a labourer. A man that works with his hands and head is a craftsman. A man that work with his hands, head and heart is an artist”.