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Manolis Zontanos



Manolis Zontanos is a Canadian standup comedian from Hamilton, Ontario. Manolis has appeared on The Comedy Network, Just For Laughs, MTV Canada & more. Touring the world as a comedian, Manolis has worked with the likes of Russell Peters, Ari Shaffir and Rick Shapiro to name a few. His unique brand of humour allows audiences into the mind of a simple, yet at the same time very complex man that leaves people feeling as though they made a new best friend. He is not one to miss!

When I was a teenager me and my friends would watch Eddie Murphy (Delirious) on VHS. We knew it was funny we didn’t understand he was a comedian, we just knew to turn the VCR off if our parents were about to walk into the room. I think from then on I’ve always wanted to be comedian, just never told anybody. I was just happy enough just to make people laugh in my life growing up through the years.

There was a line in the song (Wheat Kings) from the Tragically Hip where it goes “Besides, no one’s interested in something you didn’t do” and that stuck with me, even though I wanted to try stand up I never told anybody, then after when I got the courage to do it I realized it was something I wanted to do forever. What I think I like most about doing stand up is when it’s going really good I forget about everything that I’m dealing with in my life, so I feel like for the audience hopefully it’s the same thing where everything is just about the moment.