Karla Rivera,



Karla Rivera



Karla Rivera is a ceramic artist born and raised in Mexico City. After some travelling, she moved to Hamilton Ontario. At this point she started to listen to her artistic voice and got involved in the world of ceramics. In 2015 she got a Ceramics Diploma from Sheridan College in the Craft and Design Program. Karla’s work consists of functional and sculptural ceramics. She is interested in the forms that make the connections between the structures of nature such as the shape of an island and the emotional states of the human mind trying to interpret and project them.

My work consists of functional and sculptural ceramics. I am interested in forms that make connections between elements of nature. My hope is that the viewer feels invited to explore the entire object. I want every side to offer a surprise. When I work in clay there are little marks that the whole process leaves behind. I really like them because they intimately describe the experience of making. Most of my work is made by throwing – this creates the first of many more marks. I cut and alter the forms, accumulating more marks, until multiple firings have the final say