George Qua-Enoo,



George Qua-Enoo



George is a commercial photographer based in Hamilton, ON. When he is not out and about taking photographs for his numerous personal projects, he is creating beautiful photographic images for his clients in and around the Greater Toronto Hamilton Areas and for other international clients in the US and beyond. George’s work has appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Miami Luxury Magazine and The Globe & Mail’s Report On Business Magazine, to name a few. His photographs have been described by some as “lively”, “vibrant”, and “authentic”.

I have always had a vivid imagination. Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, that imagination stirred me from the routine of everyday life. I would skip school, sneaking from the classroom to the beach. I would sit in a canoe, gently swaying on the pulse of the Gulf of Guinea, losing myself deep in dreams. I would imagine moving and still pictures. Scenes of Ghana, of my home and my family. The visual poetry of everyday life took shape where art begins, in my mind’s eye. The things I imagined told the story of my life. Since the days when innocent truancy inspired my imagination, photography has become my inspiration, my livelihood, my method of bringing stories into existence. The beauty in the everyday that I used to contemplate in the canoe is now the subject of my art. I find deep meaning in capturing artistic photographs of people in ordinary and comfortable states of existence. I am drawn to creating visceral still images of life, which tell stories that captivate audiences, whether my subject is within the confines of a building or in the open natural environment. Each photograph is a window onto an individual story, and they bear a common essence: that of the extraordinary potential and beauty of the moments within the everyday ordinary life.