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Charlene Chua



Charlene Chua is a Singapore-born, Canadian illustrator who specializes in creating work for kids of all ages. She began work as a web designer, and worked in design and advertising before pursuing her dream of being an illustrator in 2006.

Charlene has worked with clients from around the world on a wide variety of illustration projects. Her work has won awards in American IllustrationSpectrum and SILA’s Illustration West. She has also illustrated a number of picture books, two of which were Selected for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books for Kids and Teens Selections 2016–2017. In progress work includes Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull (written by Nancy Mike, 2017, Inhabit Media).

I see design, first and foremost, as a particular way of solving problems. As a specialized design field, illustration takes this problem solving a step further, as it attempts to solve creative problems primarily through artwork.

I try to apply this primary concept to the work I do, whether it is for clients or for myself. I also try to use my artwork, where possible, to tell stories. The focus in the last few years has been on children’s illustration, which has allowed me to refine my work to best address the needs of visual communication to a younger audience.